Where Were You lyrics

So I only know a handful
R.I.P. to the C.E.O

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
Hey where were you when

I was down bad
Where were you when
I was at my last
Where were you when
I ain't had no where to go
Where were you when
I was locked up no letters wrote
And I don't know what I'm saying
And no baby I ain't playing
Understand I'm a man
Nowhere to be found
So when I make it up to the top
The only thing down is the ground

Where were you
Where were you [x2]

Where were you when I was down
Where were you when I was broke
You were nowhere to be found
When I needed you the most
Where were you when I needed to talk
Someone who can be trusted
Where were you when I was down
Sick and disgusted
Where were you when I was small
Got the bands when I was grown
They all laughed in my face
Cause you see I got this song
I can kill a nigga on my own
Got young girls don't trust them
And I heard it bust pipes
But I ain't applying no pressure
I'm a kill these niggas so fast
I'm a deal these niggas that Clad
And I'm a laugh tell the
Baboon kiss my ass
And I'm a pass it
No adlib
I got 4-4
And I call him Pete Maverick
And he a Maverick and he blasting
He'll shoot a nigga balling Balling
Shooting I'm Spalding
Everybody know me nigga
I like to rock a box
Like a Goatee nigga
Yeah I'm shining
Like some gold teeth nigga
Young [?] Deep nigga
Big weight I move that
Just tell me where were you


Where were you
When I was on my last dollar
I couldn't even
Get no holler
When I was stressing back then
When a lame nigga killed my partner
When I was out on my ass
I was working at [?]
Niggas ain't want no feature
From me they didn't even ask me
I got my views up
They see me on that Youtube
Now they saying I'm lame
Because we ain't speaking like we use to
They want to hang with the kid
Cause big shit popping
Nigga use to open up for me
When I had lets go shopping
No need to say no names
Cause I ain't take it to the heart
The only niggas fucking with me now
My niggas from the start
Shoutout to loco I love you
He put his faith in me
We going be straight soon
His angel watching over me (Ya Dig)


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Where Were You - 2013

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Where Were You - 2013
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