Problem lyrics

Inside you feel so tired.Your minds move too fastuntil you're knocked back on the ground.Feelings that linger around.Summer here and the sun will find you.Falling out with the world around you.But you need not run away,'cause everything's bound to change.Chorus:We could work this out or just let it go.It's time to learn what we should know.That's the problem with me,see, there's a problem with me.That's the problem, the problem with me.So, now you're oldand the world has left you.It's so sick, you see just wherethey kept you down,locked up in fear.We can change it all from hereor simply let it disappear.Repeat chorusFade out 'til tomorrow.You just keep standing there.Reelin' will follow spinning in the air.Repeat chorusIt's all I wanted.

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