Goodbye Little World lyrics

In our little house there's always roomfor all the friends that help us throughthese struggling days.And we never want for anythingthat can't be had from one of them.It's better than money.We're alive.We get by.You can spend the night.You can sleep right here.And we got heavy traffic on the stairswith darlin' Sherrie over there,and Sarah's back in town.Kim and Kay sit on the floorwhile Zelda hides the closet doors,never to be found.See John smile and Mia sigh.Katie cries.Mia plays the violin.Chorus:This little world is all I need.And hey, this little world needsnot much more to be acompletely perfect world.We will be leaving soonand we might never get back to you.But before we do,goodbye and fare thee well.We're drinking up all of Eric's Gin,waiting for all this weather to end.And wek now it will.Now it's Jane and Sophie at the door.We rarely see them anymore.Kandi comes with Lou.Come on in.Where've you been?Come on in.Repeat chorusWell, the neighbors have a little boy.They still put up with all our noise,and it's nice of them.Oh, Paris keeps the upstairs bright.Kafka ran away last night.We hope he comes back.He's our dog.Yes, I think he's gone,and that's too bad.He was a good dog.Repeat chorusAhh, hello big world...

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