Half a Man lyrics

This big old queen was standing on the corner of the street he waved his hanky at me as I went rolling by I pulled the truck up on the sidewalk and I climbed down from the cab with my tire-chain
My knife as I approached him he was trembling like a bird I raised the chain above my head he said, please, before you kill me might I have one final word? and this is what he said:
i am but half a man, half a man I'd like to be a dancer but I'm much too large half a man, half a man I'm an object for your pity not your rage oh, the strangest feeling's sweeping over m
H my speech and manner have become much more refined I said, oh, what is this feeling? what is wrong with me? she said, girl, it happens all the time and you are half a m
Alf a man look, you're walking and you're talking like a fag. half a man, I am half a man holy jesus, what a drag

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