Talkin Too Much lyrics

Every project needs a moment like this
Well this is mine

The beautiful thing about the music we make…
(We talk much…)
Did you get to watch the progression
(But it just feel like I don’t know, yea)
Plus what I wanna say is
Keep us separate from the west!

They said I never been this, I never did that
Why? ‘Cause I chose not to put it in all my raps?
Why? ‘Cause I rap bout being fly and having bitches?
Then the made up stories yall tell like Wade snitchin
A nigga that’s really out there and you up in the studio
I ain’t sayin no names, that’s for me and you to know
Had a few guns but realized I wouldn’t have shoot er bro
Run up on me wrong I’m quick to bite like the cubical
4 baby mommas, 2 of em thinks gay
I shot you when you heard it, you hit me to save way
Some girl said she pray, you left it in my DM
4 girls one boy and I barely get to see him
Mama be trippin, she used to be lovin on me
See a nigga made it, now it’s safe, she jealous of me
My car park getting all and this day could be his last
My goal is for him to see me with a mill before he pass
I’m not the best dad but nigga try to be that
This rap shit ain’t easy, you outsiders don’t see that
That’s why I stay high, to balance with my downs
Yall was shootin videos, I was movin pounds nigga

You niggas be talkin too much, I ain’t gonna feel it
You niggas be talkin too much, I ain’t gonna feel it
‘Cause all yall gon do is judge me
Can’t say I’m lyin, just hate
But if I’m never put on trial for this
Gotta beat it once the power let’s take it
Yall the big and ones that play on this tape

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