In Memoria Di lyrics

Choose to be left in the wake or push against the grain,
against all you took comfort from.
The unpredictable movements of life can tear away
even the firmest cornerstone.

Left here to gather the scattered pieces of what we have,
we cling to solace in the promise that one day this will make sense.
The brightest flames will always be the ones to burn out first.

I cannot fill this emptiness.
The ground is falling from under me.
We lose ourselves in our regret.
We’re holding on to a memory.

So burn your paper heart. Send it skywards to the clouds.
In the smoke and burning embers, make a tribute to the lost.
I stand before you for all who’ve ever grieved,
and all who have suffered:
This too shall pass.

It took all of my strength to come to terms with this.
Their silence haunts my thoughts no longer.

Dearly beloved gathered here.
Dearly departed, forever near.
In hearts and minds of those you leave behind,
your names will live beyond your graves.

I am the product of everyone I’ve ever known.
I am their life stories. I am the places they call home.
I am the places that they call home.

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Dichotomy - 2013

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