All The Tiredness lyrics

All the tiredness that you've held in waiting,
In abeyance,
Now comes rushing in.
Floods the bloodstream, burrows in the brainstem,
Grinds down bone-deep,
The exhaustion's stored from way back when.

All the tiredness you've postponed forever,
Buried treasure,
The price you pay for simply keeping your hand in.

Hold the darkness back for a moment.
Hold the darkness back for just as long as you can.

So, suddenly very slow,
Suddenly can't outrun the undertow.
No, suddenly I don't know
Anything but this sense of letting go.
Low, down to the ground I go,
Beaten down by the years of body blows.
Though I made it through the shows
Something got left behind, a debt I owe....

All the tiredness
Held in store
Saved up from before
My old friend
Mounts up in the end
Wears you down in the end
Mounts up in the end.

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