Modern lyrics
Jericho's strange, throbbing with life at its heartPeople are drawn together, simultaneously torn apartFoundations are shattered in the city
Inside the barricaded doorsHiding behind their walls, lonely as night fallsMaybe the people are waiting for trumpets

Babylon's strange, seventh wonder of the earth
Gardens ablaze in colour, slowly rotting in the dirt
And, with your head on fire, you can't really see
The hanging gardens sing
But with a hollow ring
The life is false, it's killing me

Don't look back or you'll turn to stone
Look around before your life is overgrown
With concrete slabs
On your back the searching eyes that stab
Between chintz curtains, glinting
But never owning to a name
Like the inmates of asylums
All the citizens are contagiously insane

Atlantis is strange, the explosion of an age
No one really knows what to do
And the city is a cage
It traps in ashen hours and concrete towers
Imprisons in the social order
The city's lost its way
Madness takes hold today
I can't live under water

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