Notepad lyrics

You and I - we've been through a lot together. And I look back and I just uh, I appreciate all the times that we had together, you know? I remember just going down in my room and, you know down, and trying to deal with some things and you have always been there for that. Always, it's me and you

You and I been best friends ever since I was a young kid
Everything we did, where is time went?

Got a lot of years coming up ahead of us and ever since we met
I knew we get somewhere
But the fact is I ain´t really, I ain´t really know where
I don´t really know how we [?]
But I can feel the goosebumps my skin writing
I've been waiting for the moment
You and I gon´ make it happen
Lot of people thinking we ain´t gon make it rapping

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