Close To You lyrics

La,la,la,la... La,la,la,la... Oh... yeah...

I know that it's hard (I know that it's hard)
To see me go (To see me go)
To see me standing so close to the door

I know it's hard when I'm far away
But I promise you when I get back,
I'll stay (I'll stay)...

Close to your hands, close to your legs
Close to the way your body fits on the bed
Close to your hips, close to your lips
Close to the only one that I can't resist
Close to your laugh, close to words
Giving you everything I know you deserve
Close to you, baby, close to your world, close to you

La,la,la,la... La,la,la,la... Hey... Mmm

Baby, turn off that frown (Turn off that frown)
Wipe off your face (Wipe off that face)
You know I'm weak to it (So weak)
And you're making me late

Turn off that frown and come over here (Won't you come over?)
I'm gonna say this like I did before,
Gonna make it crystal clear, when I'm...


Now you're counting down the days,
There's a picture of your face in my heart
Before you know it, I'll be there
Touching you in ways, so close in all the ways to time apart
So close to you, girl


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