Warrior Face lyrics

We've got a job to do
We need to survive
So you're afraid, good

That means your alive
No matter what we face

We run the show
Its time to use your face
To let em know
Now take your fear, pain, joy, rage
Mix 'em up together into something that the world still hasn't seen
What do you mean?

Warrior face
Show 'em you mean business
With your warrior face
Put 'em all in line
When you face challenges and dangers
You fix your face to face the world
Prepare your face to face the world

Wah! Lower
Wah! Stronger
Ha! Come on Moana
HA! Better
Now make a face that puts the bad guys in their place
'Til they regret the decisions they made that day
That led to standing in your way

Warrior face
Teach 'em there's no foolin'
With your warrior face
Show 'em what's in store
Warrior face knock 'em back and school 'em, with the face
Of a warrior
You have the face of a warrior

Doesn't matter how you feel inside
Don't reveal inside
You keep it real inside
You make a face that makes em terrified RAH
You make em scared inside
Your teeth are bared, alright HA
We're getting out of here alive
You gotta help us to survive
You gotta help us survive
We're getting out of here alive
You're gonna help us to survive
With your

Warrior face
'Til it's second nature
Make your warrior face
Sing your warrior song
Oh that warrior face
Time to demonstrate that you've been a warrior all along
You've been a warrior all along

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