Youngsters lyrics

Get right if you like
With M-I- to the S-H-O to the N
Get hot if you like to
With the M-I- to the S-H-O to the N
Let's ride if you like to
With M-I- to the S-H-O to the N
Get right if you like to
With the M-I
Ha ha

This one I had to do just for the youth
Even we need somethin to rock to
So you know Mishon had to come through
And break this one off just for you
My homies up North and the East to the West, down South
Then I'll show you what we talkin bout
My shorties in here represent
And it goes a little somethin like this ya'll

I'ma youngster, Air Force Ones
Sidekick phone, Now it's on
Don't be a hater cuz we got it goin on
Playin PS2, All night long
I stay ahead of the class
Shorties just won't let me go past
I'm way to fly
And I'm havin the time of my life
Everybody put your hands to the sky if you feelin it

I'ma youngster and I'm up on game
Don't try to play me because of my age
I'ma youngster still holdin it down
Back to back my town to yo town
I'ma youngster and you better recognize
Cuz fa sho we on the rise
I'ma youngster and I'm chasin my dreams
Until they make me because reality

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Mishon: Talking]
Alright, next track ha ha

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Youngsters - 2005

Mishon - Youngsters album cover
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