When We Ride lyrics

[Verse 1]
Probably never noticed but I always stood up
I know how to work the block and the chains looking out

Fuck the dirty ass cops who love to hop out
Beat you up and search you for nothing and take your whole ride

When I go clear my mind, I listen to Makaveli
Toting MAC 11s, we was in the streets acting reckless
Most of these rap niggas broke like the levy
Grew up in the streets where the OGs slanging heavy
Had to eat real heavy, if you cheat, you a failure
[?], smoking weed, they’ll test you
You sneeze, I’ll bless you, [?] are fuck nigga
Paralyze you from the neck down, you better respect me

When we ride on our enemies, it ain’t over until it’s complete
(My niggas hardbodied in the streets)
I’d rather eat crumbs with the bums, then to eat steaks with the snakes
(Motherfuck the fakes)

[Verse 2]
I don’t see no changes but the hating has to stop
Niggas doing anything for the change, tryna make [?]
What they want with us thug niggas, used to love niggas
Now I plug niggas, and slug niggas
Niggas be wanting beef, but don’t know who to start it with
Niggas love to scream peace right after they start some shit
Make it clear, make you do a [?] flip
Try to take something from me, I’m up on you
Nigga arsonist, Duke!


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