Married To The Money lyrics

I'm married to the money, I got a couple girlfriends, I'm cheating on my wife
I'm married to the money, I vow to never leave, I'm in this shit for life

I'm married to the money, my ex wanna get back with me
But it's only cause I'm happily...

Married to the money, I cash out on the wedding ring
And I walked away with everything, I'm married to the money

[Verse 1]
I got the green light, fuck a stop sign
Trap phone ringing like a hotline
Money coming fast but its still a slow grind
Cartie in the building, bitches like "Its showtime!"
Went to Saks Fifth, I need some new hustle clothes
Call me Pimp C the way a nigga busting hoes
Started with an ounce of Keisha now its keys of coke
Going crazy with the chickens, el pollo loco
All money good, AMG the logo
Whats paparazzi when you used to feds taking photos
[?], I'm whipping with my other wrist
Stove so hot I burnt a hole in my oven mitts


[Verse 2]
Pocket full of gringos, my money's bilingual
I talk it so good they trying to learn the lingo
My plug call me Preemo, cause I cop them by the kilo
And I sell them for the real low
Bricks softer then a pillow
Do I know deniro? Yeah I speak it fluent
Squeeze a dime out of a quarter, theres really nothing to it

[Hook x2]

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