Little Slice (Bonus Track) lyrics

In the decline of the civilization
I live in Hollywood
In this situation I'm in

Sometimes I wanna run away

I'm living on caffine
Stressing information
I turn to people who sing
For some inspiration
As the pressures mount each day

So my gay friend Larry
Took me off to Maui
Walk in the sunshine
Have a little chill-time
Silver rains came pouring down

Sitting at the ocean
See that it is tough
No matter what you have
It never seems enough
To let fate replace the doubt

We' all want
A little slice of heaven
To find our place in the sun
And I' want
A little slice of heaven
To find my place in the sun

Last May I decided
I wanna have a baby
Running against the clock
And a man, he says 'maybe?
As the window starts to close

A house in the country
A little piece of myself
Money in the bank
And a chance to take time
To breathe, just breathe slow


Thought I met a broken man
When he said
I had it all, I lost it all!
But I wouldn't ever change a single thing
Cuz now I know how to go on ?
And on and on!?

Of my list of things
That change everyday
One thing's for sure
I'm safe to say;

Chorus (out)

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