The Burden (interlude) lyrics

woman: i'm doing the best i can what do u want from me?

man: just get this bullshit out of here!

woman: well i'm sorry, the vacuum cleaner broke.

man: well f___, you dont do anything, its driving me crazy.

woman: so what? who cares? why dont you do anything?

man: you're lazy.

woman: I'm not lazy just shut it.

man: why dont you just clean? i'm the one always making money.

woman: money?! i dont see you making money! what about our groceries and the car?

man: did you forget about ur hair? what about that?

woman: so what? why are you complaining? why do we not go out? this is bullshit. lets just stay home for dinner.

man: ok we're not going out then. And look at this mess on the table! You never clean!

woman: oh and you clean? all you have to do is laundry and I'm sick of it! Its bull and I'm leaving! Its bull and I dont care! I dont know what Im supposed to do!

man: you dont-

woman: I dont care!

(Gracias a alex por esta letra)

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