I Ain't Superstitious lyrics

I ain't superstitious,
When a black cat crosses my path.
And, I ain't superstitious,
As I break the looking glass.
Ain't afraid of no demons,
Don't make me laugh!
I ain't superstitious,
Under the ladder I go.
I ain't superstitious,
It's all bulls**t, don't you know!
Ain't afraid of the shadows,
I like the dark anyway, and that's a fact!
Superstitious [x 2]

I ain't superstitious,
No such thing as bad luck.
I ain't superstitious,
I couldn't really give a f**k.
Take your stupid superstitions,
And find some other paranoidal,
Chickens**t, sissy, worm, and, tell it to him.
Superstitious [x 2]

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