Wins & Losses lyrics

[Thew new one before guess ??]
Young nigga started with oodles and noodles, now we eating lobster (Ah)

As I walk through the valley with my latin flex
I'm the realest nigga in it I just happen to rap
When they all thought we was finished, they was laughing at that
So I went and bought me a [??] and flip they ass to the back
Fuck 'em, new jewelry, new whips on the way now

Brr, brr, that's yo bitch on the way now
Mama told me it before, never stay down
Stand up nigga, I can never lay down
Wins and losses, it come with being bosses
Shoot a pussy nigga in his head if he cross us
Take that shit to trial if the feds making offers
Lil' bitch, you don't call me lil' fish
Niggas tryna turn my lights out, I'm still lit
Streets calling and they said they was some real shit
Young bull looking like he in a real lick

I got too many foreigns, man this shit getting borin'
Half a milli last week you

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