Price Of Being Great lyrics

Shit, every since I got money
I ain't been happy like I used to
They say, "You got pay the cost to be a boss"

Check this
When you the nigga with the money

Somebody go to jail, you gotta pay they bail
Somebody die, they gon' turn to you for the funeral
But I just be thinking like, "When I'm gon' be able gon' able to turn to somebody, shit"
Bosses got feelings too
I done did shit for niggas a thousand times
Told 'em no one time and watch 'em talk about me crazy, write / wrap bite my back out
But I still stood tall

Uh, when you sitting at the top and you think you seen it all
Caught up with your dreams with nobody else to call
With tears up on my face, 'cause I know I'm gon' be straight
Had to cut a couple homies
Had to learn from my mistakes
This the price of being great
Oh, this the price of being great

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