Rich & Famous lyrics

Aye, shorty I’mma tell you like dis
I know you used to messing with them ordinary guys
But, uh…
The way I’m getting money…
I can introduce you to a lifestyle you gon’ love forever
It’s Double-M G

I wanna buy your looooove! Tell me what it’s gon’ be? (Tell me what it’s gon’ be?)
I wanna buy your looooove! Everything is on me! (Everything is on me!)
(x2)Lifestyle of the rich and the famous. Don’t you wanna be rich and be famous?
I wanna buy your…

[Verse 1]
Riding through my city with a chick I used to lust
Bout to make a movie starring me, the two of us
Pounds at the top floor, elevator shooters up
So I can eat that pussy for breakfast, dinner, and lunch
And uh… She been waiting all night.. For this hard pipe
I think she called twice
Before you knew it I pulled in she seen them fog lights
& I can see she had a hard night
Up and down that pole selling dreams, selling love
It was sort of like she serving fiends and selling drugs
Giving them a fix/Body solid as a brick
With no baking soda on it I went raw every time I hit
Life’s a bitch but I go deep up in that pussy Jerry Rice
& every time I’m in the building I ain’t never like
She be on that pole/Tryna chase her goals
Going up and down like that angel on that rose. Lord Knows!

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