Aint Me lyrics

[Hook: Meek Mill]
Ain't me, Ain't me, these pussy ass niggas ain't me
Got a couple main hoes that I'm fucking round with
But it's one bad bitch you can't see
And all my niggas get straight to the money, these stones all clear HD
And my DC chain shine bright, shine bright with my gold AP
Ain't Me, ain't Me, these pussy ass niggas ain't me

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Ain't me, ain't me, these pussy ass niggas ain't me
These pussy ass niggas can't come to my hood
Cause you pussy ass niggas ain't me
I got all these shooters that's down for the cause
And they all get money like me
And, and I still ride around in my hood
Quarter milli on a nigga white tee
And yall niggas still hating on it, still hating on it
Talking what they gonna do to me
But I'm strapped up & I'm waiting on it
These niggas ain't built like that
These niggas get killed like that
Running 'round my name in their mouth
Banana clips get peeled like that
And they wonder why I feel like that
Cause every other month I make a mill like that
Took my whole family up out that hood
Set 'em all nice in the hills like that, shit real like that
You ain't gotta like my shit, pay for the flow, I don't write my shit
Betta pray to God I don't like your bitch
Cause if she catch eye then she might get hit! Woah!


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