Septemberism lyrics

The rain poured down
On the day that I left to
Hang with you in New York
And every little thing (every little thing)
Made me miss you more
So I kept running
It's like I had never been so sure
Of doing something stupid doing something without thinking
I'm just tryna make a get-a-way to you
And I'd have gone a thousand miles more

I'll meet you in your head
Tonight when your in bed

The one time that I came to your house
And I was freezing outside until you finally came out
And you pulled me by the arm and we went around back
Then you glared me up and down though you say you don't remember that
Then we went downstairs I saw your bedroom and stuff
And I tried to say something but you said to shut up
And I looked at you you were so damn cute
Sifting through the pages of the pictures that you drew

I'll meet you in your head
Tonight when your in bed
I know your thinking of me..
Your everything that I hoped for
And I'm all the shit that you go for
Stop kidding yourself now

I hate you you should have picked up the phone tonight

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