My Number lyrics

Yeah, big up Major Lazer
Along with Bad Royale

Yeah, listen, yeah

Get up, mister
Hear what I say sir, yeah
Come on, get your hands in the air sir
Woo, eh yeah
Then you will get no hurt, mister, no, no, no

I say yeah (say yeah)
And Major Lazer play
Baby yeah, I say yeah
Your number one sound to play

Singing the song right
You hear what I say now
To go [?]
Yeah, I don’t wanna get hurt now, now
Oh you do wanna say sound boy
And do what Major Lazer say sound boy
Have the song in your head now
And you will get no hurt now, now

I say yeah
Your number one song to play
I say yeah now
And Major Lazer, and play it one time
Killa sound, two time yeah
Killa sound, three time
Killa sound, every time
Killa sound

Killa sound
Killa sound
Every time

Die, die, die, die, die, die
You’re gonna die, die, die, die
Major Lazer gonna kill you, kill you
Bury you, bury you
Kill you, kill you
You’re gonna die

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Music Is the Weapon - 2015

Major Lazer - Music Is the Weapon album cover
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