Time To Take My Drunk Ass Home lyrics
Its time to take my drunk ass home...
I drank all the whiskey and my moneys all gone...
Hit on all the girls, sang every song...
Its time to take my drunk ass home...

Well i worked all week
So i could come here
Have a good time and an ice cold beer
But 1 turned to 10
and 10 turned to 20
and 20 plus an empty bottle's too damn many


Well it seems that I, misplaced my shirt
I cant find my keys for all this parkin lot dirt
My fall back plan, has done got sad
Cause my ex-girlfriend aint lookin half bad


"Help me up..... Aw put me back down put me back down"

I sucker punched my best friend
And the bouncer head locked me on stage with the band
I I look like hell...
I feel like shit...
I think its time i call it quits...


Yea its time to take my drunk ass home
I twisted up my ankle, cant find my cell phone
Yea my lips all bust and my buzz is gone...
Its time to take my drunk ass home...

If yall agree, then sing along
Its time to take, my drunk ass home...

"oh somebody call me a cab, please"

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