She Tells You, You Tell Me lyrics
by Graham Goble
So much hurt is left in the room,
from words that are said without thinking it through,
so little time, would it take to be sure,
that the things you must say are worthwhile ...
You don't know me at all,
if you think you can be careless and not catch me as I fall,
don't you know, you have the choice, not to tell me what you see,
she tells you, you tell me ...
So we meet to hear you talk about what's happening in your life,
you tell me you are happy and you're cheating on your wife,
oh, you seem to know a lot about the things that people say,
and you think I need to know their hurting words.
I don't know you at all,
you never seem to notice when my back's against the wall,
for an angry word, once spoken, will gain strengh with each repeat,
she tells you, you tell me ...
All things pass, we all move on,
and if you come to me when you're not so strong,
on than day, you will know,
my words will never leave you when I go ...
- sax solo -
I still need you to care,
and I wish you could now look at me and feel your silent stare,
but sometimes it is the best thing to agree to disagree,
she tells you, you tell me ...
she tells you (she tells you, you tell me) ...
she tells you (she tells you, you tell me) ...

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