DN Freestyle lyrics

Ahem, now last time I talked on a song with Boat, uh
Y'all broke ass niggas was hatin'
Only difference this time is

He surpassed all y'all broke ass niggas

Uh, all day I'm rocked up
Plottin' on a bad bitch to come and suck dick
Cook French toast and clean the bathroom
There's piss all on the floor, bitch, go clean it up
Nigga, soakin' sauce, boy, they cleanin' up
Every night you pussy niggas dream you us
Yeah, you signed a deal but you ain't seein' us
200k, I coulda bought a Bentley Truck
Seen every pussy nigga ask 'bout, we had to smash on 'em
Niggas say he wanted 2 verses but he was hella trash but he had cash on him
I'm up at TBT, used to have the city jeans, shit was hella bleed
Back when all my thoughts was accurate, in the Accura tryna chase a bill
Now I focus hard on clothes and bills, so that when I sign a bill, I go for 100 mil
Stuck between tryna find friends who want innovation but 'em still kill
Every day a nigga mom's call a nigga up sayin' niggas spend too much
Baby girl, I made more guap than the President did in several months
Fuck my annual taxes, coulda bought some land with several cactus
Just looked up in the mirror and I'm gettin' fat, fuck, it's time to practise
My side bitch from Sacramento didn't suck my dick 'til we hit Saks Fifth
But after that, she went 730
I knew she would from a little birdy
Ass so good, got me unsturdy
Givin' free clothes to the unworthy
Goggles on like I'm James Worthy
Couldn't get hard, told her lick it, make sure it's still workin'
Goddamn, Boat you hella wild
Turn your mother to a better foul
Bet she wanna fuck me
All this gold got me feelin' lucky
My bitch ride with me like the brother Chuckie
Nigga, run up, get diamonds flexin' 'til the summer
Better put your guns up
I wouldn't go toe to toe with you niggas unless it's for guap
Pussy boy, get your funds up
18 years old, I made my first million
Now I'm tryna make 100
Bitch, I'm 19
Watch how I get involved
Yeah, my ice clean
That's a lil' bitch right up out them Gucci jeans

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