Weak Talk (feat. Slim Thug, Mr. Lee) lyrics

[Lil' Keke]
Man hold up, what you talking about
I said it in 9-2, now they wearing it out
It was way back when, couldn't make no noise
Now the whole industry, loving them country boys
Got that Dirty South tonic, super fly ebonic
Smoking on that good shit, and it's light green chronic
So I dripped off, and laying down the 7-1-3
I spit 16 bars, same price as a ki
Houston Texas motherfucker, we be choking the tree
Got the 20 ounce muddy, they done crashed the three
But they wanna talk like we talk, it ain't no cape walk
Flipping thangs, and you can't get caught
Sip purple and Robatus', 22's on the bus
Candy painted plenty screens, they can't do it like us
We gon rise to the front, cause we love the stuff
Big Unit we burning up, like they firing a blunt
[Hook - 2x]
Now it's time to cease that weak talk
I hear you motherfuckers, trying to talk like we talk
I see you motherfuckers, trying to walk how we walk
You mess around with the South, niggaz getting tossed
[Mr. Lee]
What you mad, cause you can't walk the walk like me
What you hating, cause you can't talk the talk like me
Records keep flopping, nigga can't clack up like me
Nodd Factor's on the top, and I'm running with G's
Niggaz kill me with this shit, wanna be like me
I got you rehearsing your shit, wanna talk like me
I got you walking with a limp, trying to act like me
At the same time, trying to hate on Mr. Lee
You a old motherfucker, trying to act like you young
Trying to speak down on the real, looking stupid and dumb
Nobody could hear you nigga, when you bumping your gums
Nodd Factor's keep it real, Big Unit number one
[Hook - 2x]
[Slim Thug]
Cease the talk, I'm tired of you actors
Out there speaking Boss, trying to represent the streets we walk
Just because, you be the Boss
Don't mean that your ass, born and raised down South
Nigga I've been country, but mo' being country was cool
Big Boss big brother, back in the old school
You use to think, I was a fool ha (fool ha)
When I drove the big old school, to school ha (school ha)
You never thought I could ever do what I do ha (do ha)
But I do ha, I bet back then you wish you knew ha
You would of stopped the hate, and tried to participate
Get on my team, and make what the Mr. make
But you too late, the train departed
The game is started, Slim Thug's a famous artist
See I talk the talk, and walk the walk
And if it come out my mouth, I back it up what I'm bout yeah
[Hook - 2x]

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