Life Of A Real lyrics

These are the words of a real nigga
Figure of speech
Whea I'm from
Know what I'm talking bout
Boosie Bad Azz
Look Look Look
The way you live the life of a real nigga
Be a real nigga
I'm a keep it gangsta
All the way gangsta
I ain't gone change
Believe that
Da words of a real nigga
Talk to 'em nigga
Look nigga

From sun down to sun up
Be bout ya come up (be bout ya come up)
Ya wake up to get ya cake up
Be bout ya paper (be bout ya paper)
Never snitch
Take your silence to tha grave with ya (grave with ya)
Give back to tha hood
If you a made nigga (made nigga)
If you a daddy then you got responsibility (nigga)
Dead beats close your ears
You ain't feeling me (pussy)
You say you thuggin'
If you thuggin' live or die by it (we live or die by it)
You say you hustling
Teach your click to be wise by it
Keep ya tool on ya mane
You know tha rules (know da rules)
Them real nigga in college
You gotta wake up for school (they real to)
What you doing for a living
You satisfied with the money you getting
You ain't no real nigga (they say you ain't no real nigga)
Respect ya elders
Believe me you'll live longer (yes mama)
My nigga kids, my kids
That's how we live homie
Tha pin don't make you realer
Then the next nigga (pin life)
I'm straight G this fuckin' jeweler don't make me (Fuck no)

No man or women shall separate us
That me shit
You play some games
Forgive me god it's G shit
I lay down law
I keep it real with niggas
If gonna play games
I deal with niggas
Buck nigga

[Chorus: x2]
Money don't make me
I'm straight G, I'm straight gangsta
The words of a real nigga (real nigga)
No man or women shall separate me (my nigga)
The words of a real nigga

Ole school ran into me
Told me even when ya bread low (bread low)
Nigga never keep ya head low (head low)
If that's ya girl, love ya girl
Fuck what ya nigga say
But he suppose to speak his mind
If he feel that way (my nigga)
If you a boss break it off
When it's bond time (my bond)
Cause you know it was fucked up one time (fucked up)
One time already know
Shid call my lawyer (call him now)
Tell him I plead the 5th (plead da 5th)
And they done bugged my charger (bugged my charger)
Hustle harder wake up early and get on your grind
If you a soldier be a soldier till it came yo time
Niggas jealous in this world and they dirty to (dirty to)
For a lil fame and a big name they'll murder you

[Chorus x2]

Boosie Bad Azz

I told all my niggas
No man or women shall separate what we create
Some niggas died
Some niggas joke
Some niggas ball and make it
Some niggas fake and say they real in every fuckin' verse
Them hope to bees and wannabees
They gone say it first
Don't it hurt deep inside
When a nigga turn bitch
Let a bitch take his figures
Separate his niggas
Ain't it funny with tha money
Everything change
You keep it real with yo nigga in tha chain gang
When it all fall down can you maintain
Stay real stay silent without no fuckin' violence
If a nigga crossed the line
Would you solve the problem
I got yo back nigga
I got yo back nigga

Real niggas
I'm a send this motherfucker here
I'm a send this bitch to all my real niggas
Cross the world
Who live by or die by whatever they do
Weather hustling rap hustling
Going to school hustling
Or block hustling whatever you do
This for my real niggas
Money don't make boosie bad azz
Torrance Hatchet
Just me just me
That's it
I'm a take all this jeweler off right now
Still me

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Product Of My Environment - 2008

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Product Of My Environment - 2008
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