New World lyrics

This is great
Finally I’m going to the place where I wanna be in my life
Around all the people that I wanna be, this is great
This is a new world, this is based world
And I wanna say thank ya’ll for coming around and just hanging out, you know
Because this is just beautiful man
We can appreciate being alive man, I’m happy

A new world is something we all want for our children
All the pride and motherfucking glory
All the peace and honor, based world understands that
We need love to survive
I’m not like other guys, keep clones and hypnotized
Traumatized by the life
Gotta teach em that it ain’t a dream
I know the color of a flower
The same color as my soul, it’s so lovely
Here in the world, watch us breathe turn daytime
You feel me?
Let em hate the new world
Because they fear happiness
Don’t go corrupt to the love for bucks
One day man it won’t be enough
So many questions to life
Would I answer it right?
The universe is bright
You keep checking all your lights
I’m gonna kiss the earth now
We all got a purpose
I’m a larva in the cocoon shirtless, waiting to form and transform
Far away, the sky grey
But you gotta make your day sunny, CB said that that’s new money
No money could pay the world what you do for me
They say if the ruler got a pure heart
You’ll never be in the dark
Keep the light when you fall
Don’t worry bout me, I’ll be back, two years and counting
Keep climbing these vines and mountains
Looking for a better place, that forever space, that new world
I would never instigate a hate or learn fake
Cuz you’re born great, you feel me?
You would see if you don’t take
That new world, add it to this special
Let the next person go right away, you special
Don’t forget I said that
I’m like a Rubik’s Cube
Lil B locked in based world, the new world
Stay trappin based world, mine for the time
Can’t lie, I’m ready to live, I’m ready to die
I gotta draw my eyes, I gotta live my life

This new world
It’s a new world
This is a new world
Based world, based world, based world
Based world, based world
I said this a new world
This a new world
Lil B, yea, this a new world
Glassface, this is based world
Stay positive
It’s a new world
It’s a new world
It’s a new world

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