Gotta Blow lyrics

You know
I wanna shout out to the jackers,
Shout out to the mob figures man
Shouts out to live while style and I see you shake yo neck what it is mane
Pop the bizz, lil blow what it is mane
Aye Goofy I see you
Aye holla at me

I’m the based god from the best size, hump your best ride
Niggas under covers, they love police
The game used to be real, niggas got rich now
Real niggas died before the ones we called bitch
That’s sucka shit, taz born big based niggas like me
I’m bump soldiers with killas
How you get me in the drug dealas
Wonder why I always say I don’t trust niggas
I was born this way, how could I be walking straight?
When these niggas in my hood out serving yay
They waitin for the day, I say front me a zip
That cicle that they love, police, thugs
Undercover cops, got the line, the drugs
All the college kids got designer drugs
My life shaded by a big ass cloud
But I’m that bright star, you could see it far
I came before to give up, keep your chin up
Fake bitches never beat me, get your chips up
I get paid every time my bitch flop
No love for myself, it’s no love for her
I’m on the one-way, yea
Talkin they be city, police won’t get me
They hatin on me cuz my past and history
And now I go back and I fuck with 6th street
But one thing about me, the world got me
But it’s some suckas that doubt me
And I ain’t tryina sweep in the county
Real chalky niggas know nothing about me
You niggas don’t know my struggle, you niggas don’t know my family
And you niggas don’t know nothing
So I advise you bide your business in public
It’s Lil B, I love it, Glassface
Ya feel me?
Niggas I got no pay mane, you niggas ain’t gon feel this
I know a lot of niggas is suckas
A lot of niggas is suckas man
And this is uh, the real test man
I done prove to these bitch niggas man
It’s a lot of suckas man
A lot of niggas hatin on a real nigga man
You can’t hate on a real nigga man
All you can do is feel that man
You feel me?
Niggas is pussy? You feel me?

You pussy with the pain, in your heart nigga you hear the pain
You hear niggas struggle, you know niggas was in
In a motherfuckin crack in the wall
Aye man, nigga don’t wanna see nobody man
So it’s like fuck these niggas man
I’mma tell you man, I’mma tell you nigga don’t wanna see no niggas go
We gon blow to the ho
I’mma tell you man, that’s real
Lil B for Lil Boss glass fans

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