Broken Dreams lyrics

This so sad to see it
You gotta keep your head up man
Keep ya head up
If you don’t stay away from all the leaches man
Then all the people that wanna see you
They love to see you bad like that
Keep ya head up man

Yo, yo
A few niggas round my way, wanted to sell some drugs
Now I ain’t no thug, or I thought I was
Young niggas in the hood, we throw away
If you make it, you make it
21 niggas be dying too young, all the niggas calling shots
Preying on the weak, seeing those spots
Put in little pressure, intimidate your neighbor
See a murder’s going on, that’s some outlaw shit
Niggas in the complex is hit man
Selling cocaine out the wheelchair
And I ain’t understand fully til I got a little older
Niggas had dashes in the hood
Dirty money, got it all
When you ball, you ball
And when you fall you fall
When you heatin every day, niggas hit them all
Both police watch you like white on rice
Task force, nothing nice
I’d give a lil advice
I walk by death every day,
Lost souls ready to die for anything
My nigga Kurupt got hooked on heroin
Had a overdose, RIP my brother
Apart of life struggles, you know I love ya
We all rootin for ya, I’m not tryina get a lawyer
I’m not tryina be sober
He loved girls way too much, one broke his heart
He cried in the dark, in the light he put his pimp face on
Started beatin on bitches
Man, for all the pain inside
I prayed for him, he started snortin cocaine
Just to deal with it, shit and all that pain
I seen him on the bus, he was shaking
Tryina use a payphone, asking me for a quarter
Times really do change, the hood put on pressure
Being broke is a label, we all struggle together
Appreciate the struggle, don’t take it still
My young niggas died for breaking they houses
Went in the wrong and dude gave him a don
His whole chest was bout as big as my head
Another young nigga dead,
Moving way too fast and they in the city, hidin the cash
Stolen rental, thinkin bout robbin banks
If you can’t get no cheddar, that’s the easy way out
The plus ten - the better
Ten years in the cell, your life change forever
Niggas not loyal, I don’t expect it
Niggas be jealous, they don’t respect it
Niggas be fake at the end of the day

This their broken dreams
It’s Lil B

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