Nothin' lyrics

Gawvi, get 'em!

[Chorus: Dimitri McDowell & Lecrae]

Here we go again in circles
I think I heard it all
We been here before
But we need something more
Something more
Something more
What you say
I can't hear cause you
Ain't talking 'bout nuthin (ain't talking 'bout
What you talking 'bout
They be talking 'bout the same old thing
I'ma have to call a foul in the game
What you talking 'bout
A little money now you all OG
Talking 'bout it's all eyes on me
They ain't talking 'bout nuthin

[Verse 1: Lecrae]

Let me guess you counting money to the
Difference 'tween us like at least a couple
It's foreign cars, pretty girls everywhere you
Yeah I heard it 30 times on the radio
Lou Vuitton ain't gon' pay you for that
And Donatella prolly never heard your
Yeah they probably 'bout to label me a
But I know these people greater than the
songs they created
It's little homies in the hood regurgitating
And everybody watching thinking that you
made it
The truth is for a few designer labels and a
little bit of paper now you 12 years slaving
Hey but you ain't Lupita
So why you beat up and pushing people to
lean on the devil
Copping a seizure
It sound like you put your feet up
You still a slave and money can't buy you
freedom partna'

[Chorus: Dimitri McDowell & Lecrae]

[Verse 2: Lecrae]

Tell me why the song's on in my car (hear
the radio)
Why the song on in my gym (what they
saying now)
And the song's stuck in my head (I can't
take no more)
I still don't know what y'all saying
Lemme lemme lemme do this
I'ma be a straight shooter
And we was made in his image
Why we so Judas
Talking bread like we at the last supper
Throwing money at these women make it
rain in the summer
I ain't advertising brands on the radio
They expensive and I know they ain't gon'
pay me for
Telling kids to go in debt, for the 'vette that
they'll prolly never get
But I talk about it every song
And every song talking 'bout they selling
work on every corner
Don't talk about the laws, taking kids away
from mommas
Don't talk about your homie in the trauma
cause he shot up
Or what about your young boy messing up
the product
They don't talk about the bond money that
they ain't have
And everybody snitch on everybody in the
They don't talk about the pain, they don't
talk about the struggle
How they turn to the Lord when they ran
into trouble
I'ma talk about it
I don't care if the world try to swallow me
I turn my back to 'em, tell 'em all follow me
I know you gon' label me a hater
But inside you are greater than the songs
you creating man

[Chorus: Dimitri McDowell & Lecrae]


Hey man, the way I see it
I think we were made for more
Than just, ya know, the simple things that
we aspire toward
We were made for more than just telling
stories about
How much money we can get by selling
poison to people
It's time to talk about who we are and who
we can be
And we need to build each other up and not
put each other down
I feel like we not talking about nothing right

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