Apb lyrics

Saint Louis my city dawg. West side, was the block
While you was in the crib playing with legos I was out there trying to get rocks
Momma gone, daddy gone, it's just me and my hood, dawg
SuWooping (this is a blood gang term), beaned up, like I'm bout to go play baseball
Before you heard about Jeezy (young Jeezy), boy. I was already on some trap-or-die
What it's done? For all is cool. You can still see the pain in my eye
What you know about sitting in a jail cell, family needs, murder case,
Best friend, rolled on me, take the stand, turned state.

I am a felon, I tell no lie, hand on the Bible, and to the sky
I want to live, I ain't wanna die when they roll upon me and let them bullets fly

It could have been the end though
One way, hell's gates but the Lord stepped in
Chose too shows grace. Could have been layed in the box, dawg
6 of my homeboys carry me, but I'm alive and the old me gone
'Cause everyday gone got bury me

Hydro-plonic lungs, top shelf liver
Limbo low tender, I can chop down timber
I was no pretender, certified offender, never know surrender
My amnesia's circumstantial, though some things I can't remember
Those who knew me be like "who he? ", they're trippin off the new me
They like, "Man, where the old Crae you're crazy, you can't fool me."
Immaa party so hard that the law tryin' to find me
I pray to God they ain't find me. But then I hear a {whoo-whoo}
Look up in the rear view and they are right behind me
Roll down my window, "Boy, what's your name?
'Cause you was doing 85 in the passing lane with no traffic, man"
Then I gave 'em my ID, here's what they say,
"This boy here crazy, nah, that's just Crae"
And I was psycho, wild as the hun is
I do like the Chi, doing whatever I wanted
Until I was confronted, heard about Jesus and I changed
They're like, "Man what you do? Something 'bout you just ain't the same"
I was dead. The old me was nothing but a sucker
Sucked the life out of my mother, just to get the stuff I'm rolling
Now I'm in good milk carton status and different can't explain it
Put the APB out on me, if thry find me, that's amazing.

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