Misconceptions 3 lyrics

Fictitious foolies got me on a sick one
I'm still from the side, ready to die for the mission
Or meditate it, then I levitated, elevated, celebrated

You should celebrate it, this is that and better greatness
Good, good God
I'm a mad man, mathematics, statics, [still]? in the stars
I'm a bad man, bask into battle
I'm a battered mad hatter with the earth on a platter
Meek and mild till I get freaking wild
It's a misconception messing with your intellect
I reckon it'll be neck and neck
Before I let the deck eject the message
This is not a warning
This is what you wanted on the table
'Crae, let 'em know the lil homie willing and able
It's Givez

Vegas, get active
Flipping your city like gentrification all in the ghetto up on a dirty mattress
Word to that Sister Act-ress
Nevada gets it crackin'
It’s hot and J got a jacket
??? a long practice
Full metal jacket dually known as a banana clip
Load magazine of ammunition
Magazines don't go bananas overloaded clips
Sinking ships ten-percenter
It's hotter than sprinters in Arizona
Juxtapose 'em to a snowman in Nova Scotia
It's Rap's Christopher Nolan
Picture me rolling, pistol emoji blaow
This a misconception triple threat
Did Givens flex?
Still a Christian? Yep
Don't need acknowledgement
Just respect the conglomerate
Double tap it and follow it
They shocked to see us like Donald Trump up in a taqueria
Watching Evita crying over Argentina
Or Maria dominating Serena
I'm trying to find a big homie for Slim Jesus
Thesis of a New Hope
More hardcore than Star Wars Part IV rated R or
Rosa Parks or feet kicked off the bus exiting starboard
Light saves like a time change
Hands up and down like a sine wave
Gospel be the Humble
Don't sleep the Beast is a mind frame

They told me the rap was stacked
Is it tracks? Is it facts?
Is it trap? Is it rats?
When metaphors, you ready for
The medics stored inside me
Is ??? or violence
Is it sympathy or ???
The sinners lords inside them
The problem ain’t wordplay
I get schizophrenic sitting when straight jacking a beat
Blood all on me, hashtag
Dracula scheme Trick or treat
It ain’t magic
Imma vanish when I pass to the team
32, half that
Grab a 16 and let us shoot
Betty Boo wit the black top
I’m a mascot for tryna tell the truth
Locks all in my head ain’t no chain that I hang from
But he hang from where I came from that’s death
Guess what, I ain’t done
Beneath it is Jesus, reaching for actors
Living Halle'
Add the luyah with the asterisk
Correction, then bury the body under the mattress
Livin my dream while you sleepin in different caskets

Look, I was created to make a statement
A sentence, sinister earth on this mission
Trying to make a way for my siblings
Brothers and sisters who drinking
Out of them cisterns with cracks in 'em
Listen but lack hearing
Who looking but lack vision
Initially made in the Lord's image: dynamic
Nothing lacking, magic couldn't make it happen
Look at us, you hear us rapping, uh
That ain't complaining but how can they be mad at all
King dreamed a dream but we seen scenes that'll make us awe
Change the channel, we channel all of this energy
Pretend to be savages, we ravage our so-called enemies
That look like us, but it look like us
Ain't gonna make it less we shake it, we can't look back much
Turned around to give a helping hand
I'm like, "Man, they gon' make it, making baking soda boiling inside these pans."
Now they're wondering: is it rap or is it Gospel?
Look all you need to know is I was dead and now I'm not, though
Real recognizing real, and if they don't love me like Pac
They better respect how I'm moving and that I'm never gon' stop
I hit my pastor on the cell, I said I'm catching hell
Well, what you think they did to Jesus
Only time will tell
Can't believe we rap about the faith of people like the sound
We out here working in the streets, you better ask around
Tell them other rappers, we don't want it they can have the crown
They have to lay it down when you hear that trumpet sound
We know who got the keys to the kingdom
When the king come, crown him, and your king dumb
Say it with your chess, when the bishop is the king and the knight
The queen get the rest
I'm the only pawn that's on one, back in '01
I was wishing labels signed me, but now I own one
That ain't bragging, that's just motivation
Get your education, this industry overrated
Say this saturated
Lying to your face, saying they glad you made it
Turn your back and you can hear 'em hating in they conversation
Ooo, snake face
With the same bait
And the same fate
That’ll get your face ate
808 bass
Nah, base like the base plate
How you running home?
You ain’t in that zone
They don’t let it slide
You ain’t safe
Wondering how do we survive
In this suicide-do-or-die-jungle
Let the Spirit lead like He want to
Yeah, Misconceptions 3
Come and mess with we [yeah]
Givens, Givez, Jackie, Crae, we out

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