Always Knew lyrics

I learned a lot over the last few years
These industry folk ain't friends, just peers
And I learned that these girls is easy like the morning of a Sunday

They don't love you until you gone like Harambe
Still killing over colors, now it's black and blue

People die every day, bih, we just don't make the news
When you speak up for your race just watch
They gon' twist and say you hate these cops, I'ma take these shots
How can he love Jesus, Kanye, and K Dot?
Martin, Malcolm, and Schafer, Mitsubishi, and Maybach?
That's contradictory, nah, it's complimentary
Understanding me ain't for the simple or elementary
Now I know this might go over some heads
But I come from being government fed, could be running from feds
But now I pay the government bread
'Cause you playing back the words that I said

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