No Hooks lyrics

Wut it do mayne dis ya boy lecrae reppin JESUS THE CHRIST na we dont need no hooks mayne let's jus do it 4 da LORD one time
ay yo peep da urban phenomenon six dudes in the street
tall tees' fitted caps wit da ones on dey feet
dey sayin aint nun good come from where we live
yea we got da same stigma dat JESUS did
dey done let us up in LA n chicago streets
all man dey aint realize we all gon preach?
n we all on reach
no its not jus a label
we bring more din lyrics n beats to da table
no street fables of guns n bullets
but we keep a six six aint scared to pull it
yea i sed six six n i got a sixth sense
dat if we six spit 16s dey gon trip
cuz we neva spit about 16 in a clip
its more like CHRIST can redeem look at trip
look at j look a sho look at thiz look a T
if u still dont git it gon head look at me
ah man dey don messed up n let us preach CHRIST
wearin cut of khakis fresh braids white nikes
yea n u kno i ain gon stop the thang
got the truth fully loaded boutta cock n aim
na crae aint have ta sign to da roc to sang
but i do cling to da ROCK yea for change
hey no misconceptions i rhyme for CHRIST
who was murdered in my place
on ??soveriegn?? life
some folks may feel i jus scratch the surface
but makin true ???claims is perhaps??? my purpose
some rap is worthless and may it neva be that we
concock rhymes jus to git claps at churches
our chief end is dat GOD be glorified
and of the flesh capabilities i'm horrified
so stay close fam watch your doctrine
cuz GOD throw more signs den the blocks in compton

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