Intro (Son Of Sam) lyrics

Son Of Sam!
Can he do what he do?
Can he do what he do?

Feel of the way that I’m holdin my rappin apparatus

If I was up to it they’d be mad at us
It’s like a natural attraction, the back of the boner package
Look at they ass, it’s throwin that at us
My raps stops the innocence
I might usually say the sick skin that they showin
They either in on my fishin
So rap flips my energy
Whip me to the genital
Genitals, I know I make it when I give it to him
I get some suckers evaporate
Simple made a sodomize, like idolize I gotta like er
She do some shit by means that they hold er
She didn’t kind of need me, needed me to have em terrorizing
She got you wanting the villain
I’ve been in on my benim and then get her a gentleman and then reprise
I said it’s in or I’m in and starting to blim em
Artillery, they consider me the father, the wims dealer
Get on it, get upiddy hop got it
I bust some niggas, get the blammers choppers automatic
Woke up with a feeling, go Bentley and my shot so appealing
If they were 80 I’d give em up and giddy up, look like it
Depends on the Kalikoholics
So we get the get the bitches have a ball and actually nothing about it
And get the listener to get up all their kissin and lick up all this
But never shine cuz on one

Love you
I know you do
And now… the greatest love song ever

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