Now They Wanna lyrics

[Verse: Jon Young]
Aye, Remember Me?
Yea U Know Me Now
Butchu Aint Wanna Know Me Then
And Now U Wanna Be Down

We From The Same Damn Town
We Went To The Same School
U Never Wanted Me Around
But I Aint Trippin, It's Cool

U See This Rappin Paid Off
Cuz I Aint Get All Caught Up
In The Drankin & The Smokin
I Was Neva Popalur

Now U The Onez Braggin Bout
How We Grew Up Together
Ya Dick Ridin Cuz I Went From
Ridin Vinyl To Leather

U Tryna Use Me For Ya Own Gain
Name Droppin
Tellin Hoez We Best Friendz
Tryna Get U Sum Play

But It's All Good
Go Head And Do Ya Thang
I Aint Hatin Or Nuttin
But I Still View U The Same

U Aint Shit
Aint Got A Damn Thang Goin For Ya
U Ridin On Dem Coat Tailz
I Know Ya Type So Well

Oh Well
I'ma Keep On Movin Along
I'm Headed To Elsewhere
See Ya Later I'm Gone

[Verse: J. Cash]
I Used Be Just Like You
Its So True.
A Nobody,
Outcast Of The High School.

I Had A Crew
But Only A Select Few.
That I Used To Run With
But Never Ever Quite Cool.

But Its Alright Dude,
Cuz Now Iâm Makin Money Though.
And Them The Same Ones
Askin When Iâm Gonna Do A Show.

And You Dont Need To Be A Rapper,
Just To Go N Blow.
Cuz Iâm Tell Ya Bout Another Homie,
That I Used To Know.

He Used To Get Teased,
Couldnât Ever Get The Chicks
He Didnât Stress,
He Just Worried Bout Getting His.

Come The Weekend,
And Everybody Thinkin Party
He Kept His Mind Right,
Studyin And Workin Harder.

So Now He Got His Own Business
And A Great Life,
A Nice Home,
Clean Ride And A Good Wife.

So The Point Is,
Think About The Long Run.
You May Not Fit In Now,
But Dogg Your Time Will Come.

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Slept On - 2006

Jon Young - Slept On album cover
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