Oldest Surfer On The Beach lyrics

(Mark Knopfler)

The sun's dropping out of his picture,

Soon be time to move,
It hasn't been a real big day,

But I don't have a thing to prove,
I've still got the old ghost rider,
I still surf old style,
I'll go out beyond the breakers,
Sit alone and rest a while

There's nothing that I want to do,
No place I'm trying to reach,
Only time is now more precious to
The oldest surfer on the beach

I stopped searching for perfection,
Many waves ago,
What really matters is here and now,
That's about all I know,
Gonna catch me a big 'ole roller,
Sun settin' on the sea,
Ride it in on her glass shoulder,
The water cold and grey like me


The oldest surfer on the beach...

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