Let's Make Love lyrics

[Verse 1]
Baby can I touch you?
Touch you like a woman
'Cause girl I been running these streets all day
I'm trying to do something

Baby when's the last time (when the last time)
That you've been kissed for about 25 minutes or more
We'll do all foreplay like we putting on a show
And girl, we're even skipping breakfast in the morning (yeah)

[Chorus 1x]
Let's make love
'Til the sun comes peaking through the clouds in the morning
We gon' get it twerkin', we gon' put some work in
Let's make love
Girl you don't need no clothes, all you need is the skin you're in
And nothin' but this loving, get you hotter than an oven

Ohh whoa ohh oh
Let's make love, make love girl
Ohh whoa ohh oh
Let's make love, make love girl

[Verse 2]
Girl when was the last time
Your man called up your job
Asked to speak to your boss and told 'em you taking days off
And baby when's the last time
You knew what was up from the look in his eyes
I'm feeling like Scotty, knowin' you gon' beam me up this time
Let's take off, take off, take off

[Chorus 1x]

Girl, don't care if I'm late, like five in the morn'
I'll be right there, knock knock at your door
You know I'm coming through wild, wild like a boar
Girl its sexy time
Girl whatevers on your plate, go 'head move it off
Cause when I'm on my way there's no turning it off
Girl Ima put you on direct show like a boss
Girl its sexy time

[Chorus x2].

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