Up (R&B Remix) lyrics
[Intro - Pleasure P]
Ladies this your song
From Miami to the Bay
Ladies this your song
I'm calling out
All the girls in the club tonight, yeah
Put your hands in the air if you gon' let a player cut

I beat it beat it up [x4]

[Verse 1 - J. Valentine]
Say baby, I really want to drive you crazy tonight
Little momma, want to see them toes way up in the sky
Turn around let me see it from the back
I know you like it when I hit it like that
From the bottom to the top
Want to see that waterfall drop drop drop drop
Girl I know you gon' tell your friends
That's why I gotta beat it up like this
Running your mouth like damn
Now they wanna know if I can give it to them

I beat it beat it up, yeah [x4]

[Verse 2 - Pleasure P]
Aw shorty, gonna throw it so deep it touch your spine
Ooh momma, don't be afraid to let me play with your mind
You know what I'm talking about
In the bedroom or the couch
I'mma have you screaming out-oooouuuuttt
So baby go and take that thing
To the house like a football game
Tattoo your back like a jersey
All you gon' see is my name

I beat it beat it up, yeah [x4]

[Verse 3 - Chris Brown]
Got me like damn
Your booty done something to my mind
Yes mam, I just wanna take up all of your time
And I don't care if you a stripper, baby
Cause what I got it might tip ya over
Look, I'm looking at the way your body just massage your minds
I know you feel me girl I'm all up inside your mind
She be like stop, please baby don't go
While I be staring at her weave like it's gon' grow
Go back to the room yeah it's hammer time
Take your clothes off let your pajamas flop
And keep it going with the motion
She off her pill so you know her body rolling

I beat it beat it up [x4].

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