Darkbloom lyrics

Lost souls collide to find
Everything unsound
All that's lost, is here on

The ground
I can't be found

Wanderer, I can't be found
Shrouded in
Secrecy; a face you can't see
I am the enigma of the everchanging
My veins
The trees, and the in between
I've come to realize that's it's all in
Within the deep of the night
When lost souls collide
There you will
Find me
Wandering endlessly

Night feelings, settle in
I'm falling deeper
And I can't pretend
I don't know where I am anymore
And I'm closing every
Open door
Tear this weary mind to pieces
So drown me out
I'm filled with
Maybe I'll burn
Maybe I'll never learn
Disconnect, recollect
I'm feeling lost and it feels okay
Still getting darker
Drown me
Drown me out
Drown me
Night feelings, settle
I'm falling deeper and I'll break and bend
I am not, what I was to
There's still so much to find in the end
Maybe there's peace in being
Maybe there's hurt in being home
Maybe there's hurt in being home
I can't be found

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Stillworld - 2016

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Stillworld - 2016
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