I Just Can't lyrics

Oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT!
(Pound Syndrome)

Fuckin' with me then it can get (ugly)
Stuffin' your corpse in a mattress (lovely)
Then I'll invite your girlfriend over for a sleepover on that nigga that's (disgusting)
She can gag this (dumpling)
Ho do not stop till my shaft's (erupting)
You shoulda known what the fuck I was tryna do, I did not call your ass over for nothing
How do I feel? He's a riddle son
Cut all my fingers off except the middle ones (what?)
Now bend your ass over and sit on one (what?)
A.K.A. I've lost it, nigga run
Whole world gettin' so sick of em, my nuts swing like a pendulum
I'm on Instagram right now postin' pics of 'em
There are so cute together, aren't they look at them (awwh)
One's bigger than the other tho, just thought I'd let you mutha'fuckas know
I'm posted in a bungalow, gettin' deep throat from a juggalo
Please do not get your face paint on my stomach ho
Where the real MCs? There are no more
Swag ship took sail and they all on board
Holla at me when you wanna learn the art of war
I carnivore, flexin' hard like I'm Arnold Schwarz
I'm explicit business, witness sickness spit from the lips of mischief
Talk shit get hit I can split your wig with a knife into your dome with my fist to glitch it (that's murder homie)
Oh shit oh my, hit a nigga like I'm Kimbo Slice
And spend your life, so bitch don't try
I throw you out a fuckin window bye and film it on vine and get more likes (well oh right)
Soon as that cyclone hits, you know I'm back on that psycho shit
I got psychosis, my brains filled with deadly microchips
I'm plottin' your death with crayons and hieroglyphs (you crazy nigga)
Huh, I know this, in the club too turnt tryin' fight your bitch
Swing at me nigga I won't flinch, can't you see my fuckin' minds on Grinch, I love violence

I'm like damn, shit
Fuck nigga, shit
I just can't deal with these niggas no more, man
Yeah, yeah, nigga
I just can't deal with these niggas no more, man
Yeah, yeah, nigga
I just can't deal with these niggas no more

Put a nigga in that stove (like roast)
I know, you from, 5-0, I'm ghost (peww)
Straight through the exit, fuck a ho and use the same condom on the next bitch
Nasty ass nigga having sex with a dead chick
Film it with the GoPro, slow-mo, then upload it to Netflix
Uhmm, excuse me I hate to bother
Do you know where I can find a little Asian parlor?
Let her play with my balls like a game of soccer
And fuck me too for like eighty dollars?
I need my dick scrubbed and bathed in water
I hold the bitch down and play some doctor
If I ask her for it it's goin' make it awkward
If I tip her well she'll give brains and swallow
I'm a nutcase with ADD
Who rapes these beats, don't try cause you can't be me
Ya'll can't be pleased, stop hatin' on my angry steez
It makes me cheese, I barely know my ABC's
But still I'm on and I made like 2 million bucks
Now look at you niggas now, you give a fuck
Shit askin' to be on my team tryin' take my God damn cream cause you niggas stuck
Same niggas always name droppin' like
"Aye Hopsin, I rap too I'm tryin' get paid off it
Dre heard my shit and said it was great, I'll probably get signed to Eminem any day
And next week, Snoop Dogg, he gon' get me blazed
One time I opened up a concert for MGK
My big partner lil cousin man he friends with Drake
And Big Boy up at Power man said he get me played
I had a video on Worldstar, dawg believe it
I don't know what happened but it got deleted"
(Man if you don't get your ass out of my God damn face talkin' that bullshit nigga)
Stop it with the lies dude, I'ma just remind you
I hate phony niggas, I will not pretend to like you
Thirsty ass niggas love talkin' when I slide through
Fuck you, nigga you ain't hoppin' into my crew

Damn, shit
Fuck nigga
I just can't deal with these niggas no more, man
Yeah, yeah, nigga
I just can't deal with these niggas no more, man
Yeah, yeah
I just can't deal with these niggas no more
Fuck, shit
Man, I just can't deal with these niggas no more, man
Fuck, shit, damn
I just can't deal with these niggas no more

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