Caught In The Rain lyrics

[Verse 1]
Soon after I dropped raw, the spotlight creeped up
I received love from fans through out the world, yeah, seems nuts
Asked to god, could it be luck?
I put my toes it the sand and ended up with my feet stuck
When the storm comes, then how should we address it?
My situation to ruthless turned out to be a blessing
During the time it left every ounce of me affected
But when it was done I saw that I was bound to be a legend
But I'm lost
The fame drivin' me crazy, crying and angry, the games trying to change me
Sinister reckon labels got desires to paint me
As the world cause they fucking hands high to embrace me
How would you take it in?
I honestly can't compare
The only reason I started rapping was to make a friend
And now I got fans who love me for creating sins
You think fame ain't got a dark side? Think again. Yo

Fame can make you insane! (It's so strange)
Everyday, I feel I'm caught in the rain
Only very few have walked in my shoes
I sit alone in my room feelin' so damn confused
Cause I don't know, who the hell I am

[Verse 2]
Yeah, scared I might never get a wife
Closer I move into the limelight shit is like
Girls just want to be next to me cause I rip the mic
Sayin' they love me, but the vibe I get isn't right
What if I fly when my album dropped
And went broke baby tell me would your love just stop?
See I'm in love with you, but you in love with Hop
The struggle's real, but through your eyes it's fun to watch
I swear to god I used to feen for it
I see the fire but I keep going
I smell the sins from the breeze blowin'
My crew is telling me to beast mode it
I feel like I'm going to hell, I keep it up even my priest knows it
So many women and the money is great
But this life just isn't me and I don't want to be fake
I didn't think that it would come to this day
It's time I put my alter ego to the side and leave him stuck in his grave


[Verse 3]
Shit, not anymore
My soul's rotten and sore, I hear a knock at the door for real
I got a lot to endure
There ain't no stopping the storm, homie the top isn't warm for chill
I think I need my light bulb fixed
That's cause lately I ain't be getting hyped on shit
Life's a journey, you gotta find your niche
I'm leaving this tight space because I don't fit
Now I'm moving away, my whole life I'mma start from scratch
As an artist I'm trapped
Fuck Hop, Marcus is back
For a while, it's gonna be hard to adapt
When I'm willing to go through it I ain't starving to rap
I'm soul searching
It's like I'm living with no purpose
I try to find a spark to spit but there's no urges
Inside of me to pursue it
Some people think that I'm stupid but don't judge if you ain't went through it
I'm out

[Hook x2]

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