Hippity Hoppity lyrics

Fuck y'all dude!
If you don't know by now
Allow him to reintroduce himself
His name is

(Hippity Hoppity...)


Hippity Hoppity
Notice how niggas be jockin' me
Rap's officially mine
So you better stay off my property
Quiet and let's let HopSin speak
I got a couple words to say
I weed a fuckin rapper
You can have what I regurgitate
Arnold Schwarchenegger gave it up
So I'ma terminate
Hip hop is dead so muthafuckas
I deserve to hate
Everytime I turn on the radio
It's the same shit
What the fuck is up with niggas usin' T-Pain shit?
I know you got a problem, nigga
You don't wanna say shit
Cuz you're a goblin
And what's a goblin to Satan?!
My facts are straight when said
I smash and break yoa legs
decapitate ya head
and now you're masterface is dead
I heard your album dog and all of it's doo doo
and for that I stick my penis in a Gatorade
and offer it to you
I'm on that ill rap
Dismissin' niggas who wishin they vicious
The competition they kickin
Is not the business
I been the sickest since I was an infant
Smokin' like an incent
Eatin some Gushers watchin the Simpson's
I'm raw
(Hippity Hoppity...)

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