Wish You Were Young lyrics
Parasites to your host - it seems just foreverthat you could clear out the coast for braving bad weatherand give up the ghost - excuse them? No never

It's just the slip of the tongue

and let it drip or be wrung
I guess they wish you were young

When paradise comes on - they're just being clever
relating a bond you maybe should sever
who's laughing out long behind every letter?

It's just the cheek or a lung
It's never over and done
I guess it's not understood
they're crawling out of the wood
so don't respond to the wood
they grabbed at everything they could
I guess they know you were good

Paralyzed and withdrawn in dreams of decreasing
discovering facts that they're not releasing
expecting a pause on top of each syllable
they're talking the cause - you can't be so gullible

Without a smile or a frown
these kids don't want to go down
and that's the difference between
you and the cyclone machine
they say you're too tightly strung
that's why you're not having fun
but that's not what it's about
you're trying to figure things out
too many obstacles flung
I guess you wish you were young

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