Dope Show lyrics

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
1017 Dreamteam
Eating them percocetes like they was baked beans

I just got out found out who got clean lean
And gas weed and Miley C

Peewee Longway with me that's my blood brother
Two pints of P's on us so we mud brothers
My life's a gangsta movie man I love colors
I'm in a red bentley Brooklyn it's just me and Thugga
They say I'm getting skinny but all of my blunts stuffed
Ain't nuthin' skinny but them skinnies on my bentley truck
This molly really got me thow'd up in a Mulsanne backseat
Pow'd up two three's of the codeine
And feel I'm bout to OD
I'm in a rari but I'm runnin from the police
A carbon 15 on me and an ounce of OG
These niggas say they know Gu-wop but they don't know me
Ten G's of molly on me so I brought sand to the beach

I'm in a ghost same color dope
Feel like I just came here on a banana boat
Come to my store, knock on my door
Soon as I get rid of them I got plenty more
Like Curtis Blow I got to blow
Like Bruce Leroy I got to gloat
I do a show like I'm selling dope
I rep for the hood it's a dope show

[Verse 2: PeeWee Longway]
Me and big Gu-wop servin them bricks of du-wop
Them drummers south bricks to d-block
They bookin' those shows for re-rock
Money four door so now I'm re-routin
Looking at a real dope boy with cleeves out
Lebron James shooter trekkin what the heat brought
Real dope boy finnessing with the sheet rock
Feeling like Wayne put it on mamacita
Hit the block break it down serve James Ether
Fuck a thought with drop with the egg beater
Pull up in a drop top but I damn need her
C-Note say we not done counting 20's
Me and Wop in a Bentley flying down 20
Pourin' mud so dark think we sippin' henny
Got a bitch so bad call her dream of Jeannie


[Verse 3:]
Dope show doing shows like I'm sellin' dope
I'm counting 300, 000 now while she snorting coke
She mix her coke with heroine then she call it speed ballin'
I miss my cooking with OG I hear that weed callin'
I'm on the phone slurring my words because the lean talking
Sipping champagne shoppin' for jeans I'm in mini markets
Trying on giuseppes with a niff and with a beam on it
Smelling like I just smoked a half a pound of green homey
The choos got me looking lean homey
They say the robins looking mean homey
But I ain't sticky cut some lean on it
They say I'm picky bout' my weed homey
These niggas trick u with the lean I put PT's on it
These niggas killin' what they eat homey
They'll treat you like a piece of meat homey
So don't get butchered in the street homey
I ain't had no work in like 2 weeks homey
I gotta feed the streets plus Gu-wop gotta eat homey


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World World 3: Lean - Mixtape - 2013

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