Activist lyrics

Drank, drank, drank, drank
Lean, lean, lean
Oil, oil, oil, oil

Mud, mud, mud, mud
Had my first drank on my birthday

Was a whole pint Gucci Mane you must be thirsty
Cuz' you can sho' drank

Niggas say the walk rope
Must be an illusion
Gucci got the narc work
That's what the conclusion
Gucci got the good wood
Wanna walk the damn plank?
Fuck around with PeeWee
And damn that boy can sho' drank
Her pussy sweet
Her pussy kiwi
I poured it on her hole
I told her ride me like it's PE
And suck it until she can't
Got her smoking on that good weed
Lean on a Swisher Sweet
I'd rather have a C.N.O.T.E than a Swiss Beat
$50,000 for a C.N.O.T.E beat
He looked out for me
Shout out to my Mexican
Cuz he looked out for me

Actavis, you are love (Im on that purple drank)
Actavis, you are love (Huh, what, what)

Gucci Mane stay leaning holmes
Holmes what you leanin' on?
Double cup my styrofoam
My friends say I treat them wrong
Wrong, cuz' I ain't drinking with them
Strong, I'm not Chiefin' with them
Long, me and Waka pimpin'
Scooter and we really pimpin'
Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen
We done fucked a lot of women
We done robbed a lot of Bentlys
We done partied several citys
All my niggas drinking PTs
We a fool with lean
All my niggas drink actavis
With no Qualitest
Gone off promethazine
Every drug from A to Z
I'm in the club with three PTs
I'm MLk
My top drop back
My bitches gay
All blue rollie
Ocean face
On Ocean Drive
Two Ocean Sprays
And im so high
I fly away

Actavis, you are love (Im on that purple drank)
Actavis, you are love (Huh, what, what)

Crusing round on Forgiatos
Sippin' mud can't feel my face
Duck me, fuck me good
I gave her C.N.O.T.E
"Bitch get out my face"
In a straight A
Keep me staight aye
Charger on a highway race
And rockin' loafers with no laces
Think im Neo from the Matrix
Turbulence got me going crazy
Throwing Coca-Cola on this lady
I'm sorry baby, I'm high baby
Just poured a pint in apple cranberry
Wasting shit on my Burberry
Molly got me feeling hurl ill
10 karats in my girl ear
Real diamonds like hell yeah
Expensive linen, rockin' cashmere
Still sippin' I got it bad baby
I'm on this shit like a crack addict
Jaguar I had to matt black it
Our city
Back cam
Bad bitches don't wear panties
Easy access grammy, grammy, I'm scandalous

Actavis, you are love (Im on that purple drank)
Actavis, you are love (Huh, what, what)

Actavis, you are love (Pour up, turn up)

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World World 3: Lean - Mixtape - 2013

Gucci Mane - World World 3: Lean - Mixtape album cover
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