Mr. Clean The Middle Man lyrics

I'm thinkin' back when a nigga got his first car
"How you get that? You ain't even have a job"
Fight about that, and don't worry 'bout that

It's the same way that a nigga got his first charge
Thinkin' way back so I'm thinkin' real hard

Sellin' hard hard at Econo Lodge
Bought my first pistol and I knocked my first broad
First nigga run up, head get knocked off
Bought a .38 just in case shit pop off
Like a 'vert', I'ma take your top off
Brick Squad CEO, bitch I'm a mob boss
.44 bulldog, million dollar drop off
If I ever get this drop I'ma start lookin' shots
Tell the cops I'm just another nigga from the block
You can gamble with your life like a lady at the slots
You can plot 'til you pop and your clock get stopped
You were flexin' what you got, now your head got a dot
You're the nigga in the paper that they're readin' about
Police still ain't connected the dots
Drug [?] at the house
Take me to the safe cause I'm cleanin' it out
Hundred bricks what I've been dreamin' about
Slap you with the [?], see the blood and the snot
Laced up 'til your hands tied in a knot

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Mr. Clean, The Middle Man - 2015

Gucci Mane - Mr. Clean, The Middle Man album cover
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