Early Birdy lyrics

I jumped off the porch, yeah I jumped off early
And I started sellin' birdies

My stash so big that a nigga can't serve me
Unless a nigga servin' birdies

Niggas ain't fuckin' with Gucci cause Gucci fuck up the city
I drop 350 on that bitch to be the first one to get it
And I'm the first one to kit it and I'm the first one to tint it
And I put 6s on some shit don't even 'posed sit on no 6s
I'm on some futuristic shit this bitch ain't even know existed
And plus my chain cost a ticket, I bet you think that I'm trippin'
A water whippin' magician, I shave a 4 off a pigeon
Ask my plug, send a 50, I turn that 50 to 60
Profit a nickel or chickens, so that's 250, you with me?
Bring out the 10 that I stashed, pay for the 50 he sent me
I count 300 in hundreds, and count 200 in 20s
Y'all niggas ain't gettin' no money, I'll bury your ass with these 50s


This my year
Gucci Mane La Flare and my ear so clear
Guwop up in this bitch, call me Mr. Pink Slip
I don't slip, double cup, pour it up
Yeah I keep a double pink, that's enough, that's enough, pour it up
No not enough, Gucci Mane call your bluff
Man, y'all numbers ain't wet enough
Man your car ain't wet enough
Man your mother ain't large enough
Gucci Mane, I'm in charge, I'm the boss and I'm backin' up
A Rolls Royce, drop my top, all my rhymes, they're addin' up
Had 1, I got 2, now that's 3, not enough
Need 4, I need more, another whore
Get another one
Gucci Mane La Flare, big diamonds, I could smother one
[?] cover one
I'm the governor
And I got a Ferrari, [?]


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Mr. Clean, The Middle Man - 2015

Gucci Mane - Mr. Clean, The Middle Man album cover
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